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Fenerbahçe Kayserispor maçı
Fenerbahçe Kayserispor maçı
Kendi sahasında Kayserisporu ağırlayan Fenerbahçe 2-0 sonuçla haftaya yine damgasını vurdu. Fenerbahçe ile Kayserispor arasında oynanan maçta goller 4. dakikada Mamadou Niang dan geldi. 60. dakikada son olu atan Diego Lugano oldu. Fenerbahçe bu maç sonucuylada 3 puanı haketti.
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Knocked my socks off with knelgedwo!
TBF I have nothing agsiant Grant. He is the manager of my beloved team. Why should I hate him? There are more reasons for me to love him than to hate him. Do I love him? No, not really. Has he done anything to make me love him. Not yet. I didn't fall for TSO overnight. I liked him because he delivered the goods. Well that's history. You have a very unfortunate understanding of my stances. I don't plan to respond to each of your such comments. If we win the premier league this season or next season, I'd give no credit to TSO because to make a team win the PL is something special irrespective the money or bought the players or previous manager's contribution. You say, even without any manager the team would end up at No.4. But my friend, There is a huge gap between finishing as Champions and the rest (from No. 2 to No.20 it's all one and the same non-champions). At the same time, will I give all the credit to Avram? No. I won't. He is still not made me believe that he knows his football. But I would give 100% credit to Roman, for replacing TSO and still winning the PL.M_D: Welcome back. Attractive and dangerous football? We've been down that road before. There is a distinctive gap in the way I appreciate football and you (TBF too) do. Please don't ignore that the defence is as important as offence. Defence is not to be treated like scavenging. If a team defends poorly and still scores 3 goals, you have to say they played poorly and lucky not to be punished. I saw that it's not difficult to pierce the Arsenal defence after all. If you stop them from scoring, a top class team can pierce their defence with ease. A good tactical manager can always wear them down. Arsene Wenger could never beat Jose Mourinho because they can always be tactically overwhelmed.I admit, I have bias and I'm human. You all have bias how much ever you dont want to admit it. I'm not some fella at BBC or Sky to write to appease the fans of all clubs so that they return to those sites to read that their team did very well. I don't have to read what's written in the Liverpool website. I don't have to make my own opinion by reading other websites. I watch, I feel and I write. Like always, you have a right to disagree. 40
[quote comment="34158"]Oh My God. Look at the Schedule17 Everton Away23 Liverpool Anfield26 Man u29 Liverpool3 New caltseThe crucial game is 23 Liverpool. We know how well they play at Anfield and if they get a two goal advantage like they did with Inter, our season is all over.. With Hilario at the goal ? Tired of losing to Liverpool :-(..[/quote]These are our remaining games:Monday, 14 April 2008Barclays Premier LeagueChelsea v Wigan, 20:00Thursday, 17 April 2008Barclays Premier LeagueEverton v Chelsea, 20:00Wednesday, 23 April 2008UEFA Champions LeagueLiverpool v Chelsea, SF, L1, 19:45Saturday, 26 April 2008Barclays Premier LeagueChelsea v Man Utd, 12:45Wednesday, 30 April 2008UEFA Champions LeagueChelsea v Liverpool, SF, L2, 19:45Saturday, 03 May 2008Barclays Premier LeagueNewcastle v Chelsea, 15:00Sunday, 11 May 2008Barclays Premier LeagueChelsea v Bolton, 15:00 + 2 games against Liverpool and then a Final .And Man Whos remaining games:Wednesday, 09 April 2008UEFA Champions LeagueMan Utd v Roma, (agg 2-0), Quarter Final, L2, 19:45 Sunday, 13 April 2008Barclays Premier LeagueMan Utd v Arsenal, 16:00 Saturday, 19 April 2008Barclays Premier LeagueBlackburn v Man Utd, 17:15 Saturday, 26 April 2008Barclays Premier LeagueChelsea v Man Utd, 12:45 Saturday, 03 May 2008Barclays Premier LeagueMan Utd v West Ham, 15:00 Sunday, 11 May 2008Barclays Premier LeagueWigan v Man Utd, 15:00So we are still in with a good chance of wining the Premiership 37


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